The Surroundings

The river Lires flows at the feet of the house leading to the estuary Lires (1 km), known for its great ornithological variety. This estuary flows into the river Castro to finally flow into the Lires - Nemiña beach, just at 2.5 Km from the house.

If we take south (2,5 km), we stumble upon O Rostro Beacha virgin beach with over 2 km of fine white sand, with long and soft dunes. This virgin beach is very appreciated by nature lovers and hikers. Northbound we find the coves of Area Pequena and Area Grande (Small Sand & Great Sand) (3 km) and the aforementioned Lires Beach (2.5 Km), reputed for its awesome sunsets and privileged spot for surfers and fishermen in open waters.

As happens with beaches, caSAnosa is also located between two of the most emblematic capes of the Costa da Mortethe Fisterra's Cape at south and Touriñán's Cape at north, in the council of Muxia, so it's usual to be crossed with pilgrims at their final stretch of the "Camino Finisterre - Muxia".

Since it's a passage of the Jacobean Route and the Camiño dos Faros (Lighthouses Trail-Track - Hiking trail of 200 km), we have several options for tracks in the surroundings of the house conducive to long walks through forest and along the coast. It should be noted that we are talking about one of the stretches of coastline with the least light pollution in Spain bellowing to Red Natura 2000.

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